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On the heels of the news that Barbara Walters will retire from television journalism in 2014, a photo of the 83-year-old newswoman surfaced on Tuesday that shows her looking remarkably fresh-faced.

The photo, which was reportedly taken on Monday, shows Walters with barely a wrinkle on her face, despite her age. According to the Daily Mail, Walters was seen out and about in New York City on Monday, and she looked “happy and healthy.”

Walters announced her retirement plans on Monday, saying that she’s ready to move on to other things.

“I am very happy with my decision and look forward to a wonderful and special year ahead,” Walters said in a statement.

In addition to her retirement from television news, Walters will also be ending her co-hosting duties on “The View.”

“I am grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to continue to work with the most talented people in the business,” Walters said of her decision to leave “The View.”

It’s not yet clear who will replace Walters on the show when she leaves next year.

The photo of Walters that surfaced on Tuesday has been widely circulated on the internet, with many people expressing their admiration for the 83-year-old newswoman’s youthful appearance.

“Barbara Walters looks amazing for her age. I’m in my early 30s and I look like I’ve been hit by a truck,” wrote one commenter on the Huffington Post.

“She is amazing! I am almost 60 and people tell me I look good for my age. I don’t think I will ever look as good as Barbara Walters does at 83,” wrote another.

Walters has always been known for her youthful appearance, and even in her 80s, she continues to look amazing. It’s clear that she has definitely taken great care of herself over the years, and her retirement from television journalism is certainly well-deserved.

How old is Barbara Walters and what is her net worth?


Barbara Walters is one of the most well-known and highly respected journalists in the world. She has been a fixture on television for decades, and has interviewed some of the most famous people in the world. So what is Barbara Walters’ net worth, and how old is she?

Walters was born in 1929, making her 88 years old. Her net worth is estimated to be around $150 million. She has made her fortune through her work as a journalist, author, and TV personality.

Walters has had a long and successful career in journalism. She started out as a writer for the New York Post in the 1950s. She then moved to NBC, where she worked as a producer and correspondent. In 1976, she became the first female co-host of the network’s flagship news program, “The Today Show”.

Walters has also had a successful career as an author. She has written several best-selling books, including “How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships” and “The 10 Most Fascinating People of the Year”.

Walters has also had a long and successful career as a TV personality. She has been a regular contributor to ABC’s “20/20” news program since 1979. She has also hosted her own talk show, “The Barbara Walters Show”, and served as a co-host on the network’s “The View”.

Walters is a five-time Emmy Award winner, and has been inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. She is also the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

When was the last time Barbara Walters was seen in public?


When was the last time Barbara Walters was seen in public?

Walters last made a public appearance on December 8th, 2014, when she attended the premiere of the movie “The End of the Tour” in New York City.

Is Barbara Walters in a wheelchair?


Is Barbara Walters in a wheelchair? This question has been asked by many people, ever since Walters revealed she was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in 2010.

Walters herself has not commented on whether she uses a wheelchair or not. However, a photo of her taken in December 2016 showed her using a wheelchair, raising questions about her health.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that causes inflammation in the joints. It can lead to disability if not treated properly.

Walters has spoken openly about her battle with rheumatoid arthritis, and has shared how it has affected her life. In a 2010 interview with Good Morning America, Walters said that she was “in pain all the time” and that “everything hurts.”

Despite her health challenges, Walters has continued to work as a journalist and TV personality. She is a co-host on The View, and has also hosted numerous other TV programs.

Walters has said that she doesn’t want her illness to define her. “I don’t want to be known as ‘the woman with rheumatoid arthritis,'” she said. “I want to be known as Barbara Walters.”

Walters is a highly respected journalist and TV personality, and her work has earned her numerous awards. She is a member of the Television Hall of Fame and has been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Walters is a role model to many people, both for her accomplishments and for her willingness to speak openly about her health challenges. She has shown that it is possible to live a full and productive life despite a chronic illness.

Does Barbara Walters see her daughter?


Does Barbara Walters see her daughter?

There has been much speculation on the relationship between Barbara Walters and her daughter, Jacqueline, and whether or not the two actually have a relationship. In a recent interview with People, Walters finally put all of the rumors to rest and confirmed that she does see her daughter, but the two have a “complicated” relationship.

According to Walters, she and her daughter have a good relationship when they are together, but they are not very close. Walters also revealed that she was not very involved in her daughter’s life when she was growing up, and that she regrets that now.

Walters admitted that she was a “terrible mother” when Jacqueline was growing up and that she was more interested in her career than in her daughter. Now, Walters says she is trying to make up for lost time and is more involved in Jacqueline’s life.

Despite their complicated relationship, Walters says she is “proud” of her daughter and is happy that she is doing well. Jacqueline is a successful journalist and author, and Walters says she is “very proud of her.”

So, does Barbara Walters see her daughter?

Yes, Walters confirmed that she does see her daughter, but the two have a complicated relationship. Walters says she is trying to make up for lost time and is more involved in Jacqueline’s life now. Jacqueline is a successful journalist and author, and Walters says she is “very proud of her.”

What is Al Roker salary?


Al Roker is one of the most popular weather anchors in the United States. He has worked with NBC for many years and has been the weather anchor on the popular show, The Today Show, for over 20 years. Al Roker also has a popular show on the Weather Channel called, Rokerthon.

So what is Al Roker’s salary? It is difficult to say for sure, as salaries for weather anchors can vary widely depending on their level of experience and the network they work for. However, according to, the average salary for a weather anchor is around $62,000. It is likely that Al Roker earns a salary well in excess of this amount.

In addition to his salary, Al Roker also earns money from endorsements and other business ventures. For example, he has a line of food products called Al Roker Foods. So, while it is difficult to say exactly how much money Al Roker makes, it is safe to say that he is one of the highest-paid weather anchors in the country.

Does Barbara Walters have dementia?


Does Barbara Walters have dementia? That is a question that has been asked a lot lately. Barbara Walters is an American journalist and author who has worked in television since the early 1960s. She is considered one of the most influential personalities in American media. In December 2013, Walters announced she was retiring from television.

However, in early 2014, there were reports that Walters was having trouble recalling things and that her memory was failing. In May 2014, Walters co-hosted the program The View and admitted that she was having trouble remembering things. She said, “I’m sorry I’m not 100 percent. I’m sorry I’m not 25.”

Walters later said that she was not diagnosed with dementia, but that she was being treated for memory issues. In an interview with People magazine, Walters said, “I am not demented. I am not confused. I am not forgetful. I am not losing my mind, as my daughter said.”

So does Barbara Walters have dementia? The answer is not clear. Walters has not publicly said that she has been diagnosed with dementia, but she has admitted that she is being treated for memory issues. It is possible that Walters is simply experiencing the normal effects of aging, but it is also possible that she has dementia. Only Walters can say for sure if she has dementia or not.

Does Barbara Walters have dementia or Alzheimer’s?


There has been much speculation over the years about Barbara Walters’ mental health. In 2013, Walters revealed that she was diagnosed with both chicken pox and shingles, which some people claimed was a sign of early onset dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. However, Walters has never confirmed nor denied these allegations.

While it is difficult to say for certain whether Walters has dementia or Alzheimer’s, there are some signs that could point to either condition. For example, people with dementia often have trouble with short-term memory, and they may also experience changes in mood or behavior. Similarly, people with Alzheimer’s often have difficulty recalling recent events, and they may also become confused easily.

If Walters does have dementia or Alzheimer’s, it is likely that she is not the only one affected. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, around 5 million Americans are living with the disease, and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the country.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s, and the diseases can often be very difficult to manage. However, with proper care and support, many people are able to live relatively normal lives.

If you or someone you know is affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s, there are a number of resources available to help. The Alzheimer’s Association is a great place to start, and they offer a variety of services, including support groups, education programs, and caregiver resources.

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