Brittany Cartwright Pregnancy Photo


On July 2, 2018, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright announced they were expecting their first child together. The Vanderpump Rules couple revealed the news with an adorable Instagram photo of Brittany sporting a large baby bump.

Brittany has been vocal about her excitement for motherhood, telling People magazine, “I am really excited to be a mom. I am so ready to be a mom. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.”

Since announcing her pregnancy, Brittany has continued to share updates on her progress, including a sweet photo of her ultrasound scan.

As the due date approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting photos of Brittany’s baby bump. On September 12, 2018, Brittany finally gave fans a glimpse of her growing belly, posting an Instagram photo of herself in a bikini.

In the photo, Brittany looks positively glowing and her baby bump is clearly visible. Brittany’s fans were quick to leave congratulatory messages in the comments section.

With just a few months to go until her due date, Brittany is undoubtedly counting down the days until she becomes a mom. We can’t wait to see more photos of her pregnancy journey!

When did Brittany Cartwright have her baby?


When did Brittany Cartwright have her baby?

Brittany Cartwright gave birth to her first child with husband Jax Taylor on September 7, 2019. The couple announced their pregnancy in February 2019.

How many children does Brittany Cartwright have?


Brittany Cartwright is a reality TV star who first came to prominence as a cast member on the MTV series, “Jersey Shore”. She is now more well-known as a star of the spin-off show, “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation”.

Cartwright is also in a relationship with Jax Taylor, who is another cast member on “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation”. The two of them have been together since 2014.

Recently, there has been some speculation about whether or not Cartwright is pregnant. On August 10th, 2018, she posted a photo on Instagram that showed her wearing a bikini and sporting a noticeably larger stomach. In the caption, she wrote “Almost there!!”

Although Cartwright has not confirmed that she is pregnant, it seems likely that she is. If she is, it will be her first child.

Jax Taylor has said that he would like to have four children with Cartwright.

How much did Jax spend on Brittany’s engagement ring?


How much did Jax spend on Brittany’s engagement ring?

That is a question that many people are asking, especially after the ring was spotted on Brittany’s finger.

There has been no confirmation of the amount that Jax spent on the ring, but it is thought to be around $100,000.

This is a lot of money, but it is clear that Jax is willing to do whatever it takes to make Brittany happy.

The ring is a very impressive piece of jewelry, and it is sure to impress Brittany’s friends and family.

It is clear that Jax has put a lot of thought into this gift, and he is clearly very happy with it.

This is a very exciting time for the couple, and they are sure to be celebrating for many months to come.

Has Brittany Cartwright had a baby?


Has Brittany Cartwright had a baby? That’s the question on many minds lately, as the Vanderpump Rules star has been noticeably absent from social media and from the public eye.

It’s been a few months since Brittany Cartwright was last seen in public, and fans are beginning to wonder if she’s pregnant. Brittany has yet to confirm or deny the rumors, but there are certainly some clues that suggest she may have a little one on the way.

For one, Brittany has been quite active on social media in the past, but she has been noticeably absent in recent months. Additionally, she has been wearing looser clothes and has been sporting a new hairstyle – both of which are common signs of pregnancy.

Additionally, Brittany’s boyfriend, Jax Taylor, has been dropping some hints that she may be pregnant. Earlier this year, Jax said that he would be a “great father” and that he can’t wait to start a family with Brittany.

Fans will just have to wait and see if Brittany Cartwright has had a baby – but until then, they will just have to speculate.

Why did Brittany Cartwright gain so much weight?


In June of 2018, Brittany Cartwright announced that she was pregnant with her and Jax Taylor’s first child. A few months later, she announced that she was pregnant with a baby girl. In November, Brittany gave birth to her daughter, whom she and Jax named Ocean.

Shortly after giving birth, Brittany began to share photos of her post-baby body on Instagram, and many people were shocked by how much weight she had gained. Brittany has since explained that she gained almost 60 pounds during her pregnancy, and that it has been a challenge to lose the weight.

Some people have speculated that Brittany’s weight gain is due to her lifestyle, and that she is now eating unhealthy foods and not working out. Others believe that Brittany’s weight gain is simply due to the fact that she is pregnant, and that it is normal for a woman to gain weight during her pregnancy.

So, why did Brittany Cartwright gain so much weight during her pregnancy? There are a few possible explanations.

First of all, it is normal for a woman to gain weight during her pregnancy. The average weight gain for a pregnant woman is 25-35 pounds, and Brittany gained almost 60 pounds. This is likely due to the fact that she is taller than average and has a large frame.

Secondly, Brittany has admitted that she has been eating unhealthy foods since she became pregnant. She has said that she is “not very good” at following a healthy diet, and that she has been eating a lot of fast food and junk food.

Finally, Brittany has not been working out since she became pregnant. She has said that she is “too tired” to work out, and that she is just trying to relax and enjoy her pregnancy.

So, why did Brittany Cartwright gain so much weight during her pregnancy? There are a few possible explanations: she is taller than average, she has been eating unhealthy foods, and she has not been working out. However, the most likely explanation is that Brittany is simply gaining weight due to the fact that she is pregnant.

Are Katie and Tom pregnant yet?


Are Katie and Tom pregnant yet? That is the question on everyone’s mind. The couple has been married for a little over a year now, and many people are wondering if they are expecting their first child.

Neither Katie nor Tom have confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors, so it is hard to say for sure. However, there are a few clues that suggest that they may be expecting.

For one thing, Katie has been seen wearing baggier clothes lately, which could be a sign that she is pregnant. Additionally, she has been posting a lot of photos on Instagram that are related to motherhood.

Tom has also been seen wearing baggier clothes, and he has been spotted out and about with a baby carrier. This could be a sign that he is getting ready to be a dad.

So, are Katie and Tom pregnant yet? Only time will tell. But, it seems like there is a good chance that they are expecting.

Why did Jax Taylor’s mom not go to his wedding?


There was drama leading up to the wedding of Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, and one of the biggest questions on fans’ minds was: Where was Jax’s mom?

It was later revealed that Jax’s mom, Peggy, did not attend the wedding because she and Brittany were not getting along. “My mom and Brittany are not getting along. Brittany doesn’t like my mom,” Jax said on the Vanderpump Rules reunion show. “It was very hard for me. I don’t care if my mom likes her or not, but it would be nice for my mom to be at my wedding.”

It’s unclear what specifically led to the fallout between Peggy and Brittany, but it’s possible that it had something to do with Brittany’s influence over Jax. “Brittany has a lot of control over Jax and she knows it,” Peggy said on the reunion show. “She bosses him around.”

Whatever the reason, it was clear that Peggy was upset about not being able to attend her son’s wedding. “I was so sad. I cried for two weeks,” she said. “I wanted to be there for my son.”

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